Loose Change


Throughout the month of October, I decided to put all my silver coins and five dollar notes into a jar and cash it in at the end of the month. I know some people would disagree with putting in five dollar notes but I find them to be a bit of a nuisance. I end up just spending them on a chocolate bar or something small and useless. So long story short, I took them to the bank on Thursday and it came to a grand total of $78.20! Not bad for a month 🙂

I think it is now something I will do each month and put into my savings account. Some people I have spoken to do the same thing with the small amounts in their bank accounts at the end of each day, week etc. I am strictly a cash girl as I tend to overspend and once cash is gone, its gone for good. Whatever works for you! Anyhow off to empty my purse and see if there’s anything I can put into my jar 🙂



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Yep, I’ve been AWOL……and not much to show for it. Life got on top of me and piled up reeeeeeally high! Work has been hectic, relationships sucked, friends flaked out on me, no emergency fund and I spent alot of money I really shouldn’t have. On a brighter note – I paid of my credit caard! *happy dance*

I lost my way to financial independance. In fact I ended up in woop woop with no map. And I just did not like it one bit, so I googled personal finance blogs and got busy reading. More than anything, it gave me a renewed sense of purpose and a whole heap of inspiration. It made me realise I did not want to be in this position for the rest of my life, like an ostrich with its head in the sand. There is only one obstacle standing in the way and that is – Me. Plain and simple. I have been my own worst enemy, too busy trying to keep up with the Jones’ (whever they are!) and caring too much about what people will think when I explain I’m broke and no I cant go out.

Some of the blogs I’ve come across which i find motivating, well written and easy to digest:




I just need to get myself in the right mindset. Forget my silly little superstitions that if I make one mistake I have to give up and start on a Monday, or the first day of the month or any other stupid notion. Start today! I also need to remember that every little bit counts, whether it be 5 cents or $5. There is so much I could save or cut back on but I guess I’m too used to living in a western society which wants, wants and wants some more. I need to start asking myself do I really need 20 bottles of nail polish or a new top or do I want to be financially stable and independent??

So here goes nothing! I’m dusting myself off and picking myself up and starting all over again. Wish me luck!

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Tracking My Spending

So last week I began tracking my spending for the week. Well it wasn’t pretty.Somehow I managed to spend $111.60 on things not in the budget! And to top it off it was mostly spent on take away 😦 Through sheer disorganisation I wasted over a hundred dollars that could of been put towards debt. I feel quite guilty about it to be honest.

So my goal for the rest of the month (all ten days of it!) is to not spend anything that isn’t in the budget. No take aways, no unnecessary purchases and definitely stay away from the shops. This means getting meals ready the day before, especially for lunch as this is where I tend to fall down a lot. I will also be leaving my card at home and using cash only *gulp*. It will also mean I have to go through and type up a budget and be ruthless. No unnecessary purchases or expenditure.

Little purchases here and there really add up. I find myself justifying them as just a few dollars and that it won;t make a difference. But it does and they will! I feel so guilty but we all make mistakes. The important thing is I dust myself off and try again. tomorrow is a new day….

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How Time Flies…And Money Too!!

Well not a lot of progress on the debt front. Somehow money just seems to slip through my fingers quicker than a slippery eel. The credit card is down a little thanks to a tax refund. The loan is also down ever so slightly thanks to said refund.

I did find out from the loan company though that if I offer them a lump sump payout figure then they are inclined to take it as opposed to my miniscule payments every month. I am considering stopping all payments on the loan and saving up a large chunk of money and offering it to the loan company at the end of the year.

I’m finding it very hard to remain focused and seem to be undertaking retail therapy  to make up for the lack in other departments of my life. It’s not ideal and definitely something I have to get a grip on. This week I have begun to write down all my spending in the hopes that it will shock me into taking stock of my finances once and for all. Stay tuned for the results!

“A step forward is a step in the right direction”

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Another Day, Another Dollar to be found

The past week has flown by but certainly not without it’s ups and downs! Car repairs, bills coming out of my ears and scrapping together the pennies in order to put petrol in the car just so I can get to work. And on top of it all, enrolling in a course for work which has pushed the balance of my debt just that bit higher.

Some days I feel like I’m never going to push it through and just want to throw my hands in the air. But I will get through this and I will move forward and look forward to the day I’m debt free!! I am currently wracking my brains for ways to earn extra cash to throw at my bills. Whilst reading through some blogs I came long http://millionairemumbythirty.blogspot.com.au/2013/07/one-hundred-ways-to-make-dollar-or-more.html which gave me some great ideas.

Unfortunately my worldly possessions fit in the boot of my car so not a lot to sell but it did remind me that I was a member of several survey sites and hadn’t checked my points for a while. So lo and behold! I have enough to cash out $100 direct in to my bank and enough to get a $50 Coles Express voucher. That’s a weeks worth of fuel for me thank you very much! The $50 I saved can now go onto my credit card bill. Some of the survey sites I find really good are:

One I do not recommend using is iReward. I’m still waiting for my cash payout over two months later and there has been no response to my emails.

I’m also putting my name down with the electoral commission for casual work that may come around at election time. Fingers crossed! At the moment nothing else is jumping out at me so I will look over my budget and see anywhere I can cut back on expenses. My tax refund is also due any day now and it’s not a great amount but it will certainly help towards bringing the balances down on the debts.

Current Balance:

Credit Card – $1263.20

Loan – $6990.00

Diploma – $3250.00

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SavingStina – The Beginning

It’s 24th July 2013……exactly two months until my *gulp* 30th birthday. I feel anxious at the thought. My pulse races, I break out in to a sweat and a quick inventory of my life show’s me that I’m noooo where near as accomplished as I had hoped to be. Married, divorced, less than a dollar in the bank and a whole week to pay day, debts I’m struggling to pay off and a car that makes me hold my breath at every rattle and shudder.

As a teen, I imagined my life as lunch dates with the girls, designer hand bags, nice cars and cute apartments. I didn’t pay any attention to how I was going to get there, it was just how life was going to be. Fast forward ten years and I’m no where near that day dream! Divorced and over ten grand’s worth of debt to show for it. It’s not a huge amount but it’s more than what I have in my account that’s for sure.

This blog is to help motivate me and stop me from feeling sorry for myself and plainly speaking – get off my ass and get out of debt! This is my personal journey and I welcome you along for the ride. I leave you with this quote by E.E. Cummings – “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”

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