How Time Flies…And Money Too!!

Well not a lot of progress on the debt front. Somehow money just seems to slip through my fingers quicker than a slippery eel. The credit card is down a little thanks to a tax refund. The loan is also down ever so slightly thanks to said refund.

I did find out from the loan company though that if I offer them a lump sump payout figure then they are inclined to take it as opposed to my miniscule payments every month. I am considering stopping all payments on the loan and saving up a large chunk of money and offering it to the loan company at the end of the year.

I’m finding it very hard to remain focused and seem to be undertaking retail therapy  to make up for the lack in other departments of my life. It’s not ideal and definitely something I have to get a grip on. This week I have begun to write down all my spending in the hopes that it will shock me into taking stock of my finances once and for all. Stay tuned for the results!

“A step forward is a step in the right direction”


About SavingStina

Almost 30, divorced, broke and determined to get out of the debt dungheap!
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2 Responses to How Time Flies…And Money Too!!

  1. kaitlyn says:

    a spending diary sounds great. hope it helps you. I am trying the same thing myself. good that you are knowing where you need to make some changes. 🙂 good luck

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