Tracking My Spending

So last week I began tracking my spending for the week. Well it wasn’t pretty.Somehow I managed to spend $111.60 on things not in the budget! And to top it off it was mostly spent on take away 😦 Through sheer disorganisation I wasted over a hundred dollars that could of been put towards debt. I feel quite guilty about it to be honest.

So my goal for the rest of the month (all ten days of it!) is to not spend anything that isn’t in the budget. No take aways, no unnecessary purchases and definitely stay away from the shops. This means getting meals ready the day before, especially for lunch as this is where I tend to fall down a lot. I will also be leaving my card at home and using cash only *gulp*. It will also mean I have to go through and type up a budget and be ruthless. No unnecessary purchases or expenditure.

Little purchases here and there really add up. I find myself justifying them as just a few dollars and that it won;t make a difference. But it does and they will! I feel so guilty but we all make mistakes. The important thing is I dust myself off and try again. tomorrow is a new day….


About SavingStina

Almost 30, divorced, broke and determined to get out of the debt dungheap!
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