Yep, I’ve been AWOL……and not much to show for it. Life got on top of me and piled up reeeeeeally high! Work has been hectic, relationships sucked, friends flaked out on me, no emergency fund and I spent alot of money I really shouldn’t have. On a brighter note – I paid of my credit caard! *happy dance*

I lost my way to financial independance. In fact I ended up in woop woop with no map. And I just did not like it one bit, so I googled personal finance blogs and got busy reading. More than anything, it gave me a renewed sense of purpose and a whole heap of inspiration. It made me realise I did not want to be in this position for the rest of my life, like an ostrich with its head in the sand. There is only one obstacle standing in the way and that is – Me. Plain and simple. I have been my own worst enemy, too busy trying to keep up with the Jones’ (whever they are!) and caring too much about what people will think when I explain I’m broke and no I cant go out.

Some of the blogs I’ve come across which i find motivating, well written and easy to digest:

I just need to get myself in the right mindset. Forget my silly little superstitions that if I make one mistake I have to give up and start on a Monday, or the first day of the month or any other stupid notion. Start today! I also need to remember that every little bit counts, whether it be 5 cents or $5. There is so much I could save or cut back on but I guess I’m too used to living in a western society which wants, wants and wants some more. I need to start asking myself do I really need 20 bottles of nail polish or a new top or do I want to be financially stable and independent??

So here goes nothing! I’m dusting myself off and picking myself up and starting all over again. Wish me luck!


About SavingStina

Almost 30, divorced, broke and determined to get out of the debt dungheap!
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