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Almost 30, divorced, broke and determined to get out of the debt dungheap!

Loose Change

Throughout the month of October, I decided to put all my silver coins and five dollar notes into a jar and cash it in at the end of the month. I know some people would disagree with putting in five … Continue reading

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Yep, I’ve been AWOL……and not much to show for it. Life got on top of me and piled up reeeeeeally high! Work has been hectic, relationships sucked, friends flaked out on me, no emergency fund and I spent alot of … Continue reading

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Tracking My Spending

So last week I began tracking my spending for the week. Well it wasn’t pretty.Somehow I managed to spend $111.60 on things not in the budget! And to top it off it was mostly spent on take away 😦 Through … Continue reading

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How Time Flies…And Money Too!!

Well not a lot of progress on the debt front. Somehow money just seems to slip through my fingers quicker than a slippery eel. The credit card is down a little thanks to a tax refund. The loan is also … Continue reading

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Another Day, Another Dollar to be found

The past week has flown by but certainly not without it’s ups and downs! Car repairs, bills coming out of my ears and scrapping together the pennies in order to put petrol in the car just so I can get … Continue reading

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SavingStina – The Beginning

It’s 24th July 2013……exactly two months until my *gulp* 30th birthday. I feel anxious at the thought. My pulse races, I break out in to a sweat and a quick inventory of my life show’s me that I’m noooo where … Continue reading

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